Create REAL FREEDOM In Your Business and LASTING IMPACT At Home

Join A Brotherhood devoted to Empowering Entrepreneur Dads all over the world to gain the tool and skills to become a more PRESENT, POWERFUL, IMPACTFUL DAD.

"Jordan has been super insightful into helping me overcome some roadblocks I have faced trying to grow my business. Taking time to bounce questions off of Jordan and tapping into his wealth of Entrepreneurial knowledge has helped me a lot... Ultimately, being able to scale my business and create more dependable systems has helped give me more time and flexibility as a husband and a father, which is the main priority for me."

~ Duskin Donaldson, Perfect10 Drywall and Repair

Success Without FAMILY Is

The Ultimate FAILURE


Nearly every entrepreneur and dad I know measures their success in the worst ways possible… They believe the lie that the size of their bank account or the status of their job title is what determines their success.

I spoke with a friend of mine about Fatherhood recently. It broke my heart…

His son is five years old and he told me, “yeah, I’ve got five more years to grind before I need to get heavily involved in my son’s life.”

Are you freaking kidding me? Five more years before you have to get involved in your son’s life? No…

What you have is five years left to give your son a reason to listen to you for the rest of his life.

In five years, it’ll be easy for your son to dismiss everything you say because you weren’t there for him before.

I love my friend, but that’s just B.S.

Entrepreneurs everywhere are falling for the lie that your value is determined by the size of your bank account.

The BROTHERHOOD Is How I'm Fighting This Crisis.

Do you Want To...

✅ Grow your businesses without losing your soul…

✅ Spend quality time with your family without losing your customers…

✅ Find more ways to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled on this crazy ride we call Entrepreneurship.

The Present Entrepreneur is for you...

We are changing the world one Entrepreneur, One Family at a time...

We’re doing it because the world has left us no choice.

Real success has nothing to do with what the world teaches. Real success is how you show up to your relationships with your loved ones. Period.

If your business isn't allowing that to happen... If your putting all your TIME, ENERGY, AND MONEY into simply putting food on the table...

You'll never be present at it.

I believe our main job is to protect, provide, and lead our families! Another way of saying it is to be the BEST dads we can be.

This crap ain't always easy; in fact, it can be freaking hard. There is so much on our shoulders AND THEN you throw in owning and running your own business. Life can get overwhelming FAST, and let's be honest, the demands of being an entrepreneur and just putting food on the table can IF WE LET IT pull us completely away from being a PRESENT, POWERFUL, IMPACTFUL DAD. That's why The Present Entrepreneur exists.

To equip and In-power Entrepreneur Dads everywhere to gain Real FREEDOM in their business and LASTING IMPACT at home!

If this is you,

If you're a Dad who owns his own business and is ready to take back their time, energy and family come and join us!

The Solution Is In The Formula...

As we move through the stages of the entrepreneurial journey, life can get overwhelming FAST...

And let's be honest the demands of being an entrepreneur and just putting food on the table can, IF WE LET IT, pull us completely away from being PRESENT, POWERFUL, IMPACTFUL at home.

FREEDOM in your business will come from creating 4 KEY assets...


Your Client Journey Playbook

Every business has a Client Journey... It is how they Acquire, Nurture, and Close sales...

The question is how intentional are you about yours?

A Client Journey Playbook is the Organizing, Enhancing, Systemizing, and Automating of your Client Journey.


A Productized Superpower

We all have a superpower that is the very thing that makes us so unique and makes us money...

However superpowers aren't scalable and in many cases... leaves us feeling drained, worn out, and unable to take on any more clients...

So what we have to do is turn our superpowers (your skills / your service)  into a scalable, predictable and deliverable product.


Your Cash Money Model

I believe the main job is to protect, provide, and lead our families! There is so much on our shoulders AND THEN you throw in owning and running your own business.

It is easy to let our businesses take everything from us.

A Cash Money Model is a Vision and Plan put in place to make sure your business is profitable and it is serving you in all 3 currencies of life... TIME, ENERGY, and MONEY


The S.A.B.E.R Implementation Framework

The skill and art of running a business is all in the speed of Implementation...

Let's face it as business owners we are never at a shortage of ideas. But how many million dollar ideas have been left by the way side because you couldn't get it implemented?

The S.A.B.E.R Implementation Framework is how to take ideas to actions at lighting speed.

This combination is what I call the FREE-2-IMPACT Formula...

We create freedom in our business SO THAT we can go home and be more present, powerful, and impactful with those who matter most...

You'll find that not only will I talk, teach, and implement the FREE-2-IMPACT Formula but I will constantly and consistency bring up, teach, and implement WHY....



Don't Take My Word For it....

Po'okela Mossman

CEO - Po'okela Chief Development & Leadership Strategies

Zack Eddinger

CEO - Seven14 Design

LaMichael James

Multi Unit Franchise Owner

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